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Share A mother explains why we should stop acting as if dads were "incompetent"

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

We have already spoken on other occasions of how in the media, mainly the series and films, we see representations that are not realistic about some stages of being a mother, particularly of the stages of childbirth and postpartum. Another representation that we frequently see is that of the father who does not know how to do much and who depends on the mother for anything related to the children.

Although this stereotype is something that is mainly used in humorous situations, a mother explains why we should stop making parents look incompetent .

A few days ago I shared the results of a study in which they showed that the way in which the mother reacts about the first interactions of the father with the baby could negatively affect the quality of parenting that they give their children in the future.

It is true that for a long time the raising of children was in the hands of mothers, but currently, the number of parents who are involved and actively involved in the upbringing and care of their children has increased considerably.

Gone is that belief that the mother is the only one capable of taking care of the children, and little by little it has been accepted and above all, understanding that the upbringing is of two and that both father and mother can make a great I work as parents .

So, why do we continue to represent dads as incompetent or as "the nanny"? Maybe it's time to change that, and a blogger mother, Kristina Kuzmic, famous for her videos about real situations of motherhood, shares with us why we should stop doing it.

Occasionally they have asked me to make videos mocking the parents. Although I understand that making parents look like incompetent and childish idiots is something very popular on the Internet (and in the media in general), it is something I will never do and I explain why ...

  1. For the same reason why I would not make fun of mothers. I support all parents.

  2. Because I do not think that making fun of someone will make them transform and do a better job. It will only cause them to do less. (As I said before: Feeling like a loser has never helped anyone to thrive in life).

  3. I have children who may one day decide to become parents, and I refuse to create content that makes my children think that men are less capable than women to be great parents or housewives.

No father is perfect. And that goes as much for moms as for dads. And if men talked about mothers, as women talk about fathers, it would be considered something completely unacceptable. So let's make it unacceptable to label a whole genre as inappropriate. And dads, know that you care!

The feeling of Kristina is one that many people agree with, especially those who have left comments on their publication, talking about how their parents left their mark in their lives by participating always being closely trained in their upbringing, and others talking about how well they It was like growing up with a single dad .

As she says, if things were the other way around, we probably would not see well that men made fun of mothers and made them look incompetent or that they are not suitable for taking care of children.

Remember that dad also matters, he is also capable of doing many things and well, and that he is not a nanny nor does he expect to be applauded for fulfilling his obligations and responsibilities as a parent.

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