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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

On Wednesday the first baby born after a uterus transplant between homozygous twins came to the world, a dream that seemed impossible but has come true.

The protagonists of the story are two sisters of 38 years of Serbian origin living in Italy. One of them was born without a uterus due to a congenital malformation and her sister in a beautiful gesture, after having three children, decided to donate the uterus to her twin . The baby was born by cesarean at the Santa Orsola Hospital in Bologna, Italy, and weighed just under three kilos.

One of them was born without a uterus

The woman who received the organ was born without a uterus due to a congenital anomaly. It is believed that the woman is likely to have Rokitansky syndrome or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), a congenital malformation characterized by the absence of vagina, uterus and cervix.

Those who suffer from this anomaly, which affects one in every 4, 500 women, have ovaries that function normally and will experience the normal signs of puberty, but they do not have menstruation and can not conceive.

Perfect compatibility

In March 2017 the transplant was carried out at the Belgrade Pediatric University Hospital by a specialized medical team headed by the Swedish professor Mats Brännström, Director of the IVF Stockholm Clinic (Eugin Group) and pioneer of the technique of uterine transplantation.

In addition to being the first transplant of uterus of the world between twins, another curiosity and advantage of this case is that, being homozygous or monozygotic twins (also called identical twins), immunosuppressive therapy was not necessary, something essential in other types of transplants .

This is because they have identical genetic inheritance and perfect compatibility between donor and recipient .

After the transplant, the woman traveled to Stockholm to perform an in vitro fertilization procedure using a cryopreserved or frozen embryo of her and her husband. According to Bologna Today, the procedure of transplantation and fertilization would have cost around fifty thousand euros.

Worldwide, 40 transplants of the uterus have been tried so far and of these, 12 resulted in the birth of a baby. In Spain it is a practice that is not yet authorized by the National Transplant Organization (ONT).

Via | Bologna TodayIn Babies and more | After nine abortions and three years of fertility treatments, her sister gave birth to her twins through surrogate pregnancy, the first baby from a transplanted uterus