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Share An aesthetic operation "fixes" the vagina after being a mother

Armando @armando_bastida

Something more than a year ago I told you about an operation of cosmetic surgery that served to fix the nipple after breastfeeding, and that I criticized at the time because I think we should learn to appreciate the traces left by life, especially if they are like consequence of beautiful or happy moments.

Well, in a similar line of "back to normal", as if giving birth and meet years was an abnormality, is beginning to offer in our country laser surgery that allows you to design your vagina to leave it as the wish

Within the offer, they promise to solve the effects of loosening and logical widening of the years and deliveries, achieving a narrowing, increasing or reducing the size of the vaginal lips, correcting incontinence and even improving sexual relations with the injection of hyaluronic acid in the G point to increase the number and pleasure of orgasms.

One thing is health, another to erase the past

Everyone who thinks about it. I am very clear that one thing is health, to get an operation done because there is a discomfort, incontinence or something that could improve the quality of life in case of repair, and quite another is to change the appearance of your vagina because you have given birth or the years have passed . I, at least, see it very differently.

And is that just as the type of person we are is given by all past experiences, the appearance of our body is the fruit of life and walk "repairing" areas of our body to see them more beautiful must be an end. Now the vagina, now the lips, now the crow's feet, now remove me from here, now from there, now lend my chin, now ...

Would not it be more useful and economical to accept ourselves as we are and accept that time and years pass? We are not our image. We should not focus on that to be more or less happy, because then we will all end up fatal. The years do not forgive.

When it comes to vaginal surgery, I say the same thing. The aesthetic changes that can produce the birth of a baby to me seem beautiful . It is the birth of a baby, the arrival to the life of our son, and those traces, if they remain, are those that attest that this happened. Delete them? I do not know, is that I think there are much more important things in life to worry about.

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