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Share Some very artistic crafts: figures by Miró in 3D

Eva Paris @paris_eva

Today we want to propose some very artistic crafts: figures of Miró in 3D elaborated quite simply with cardboard and paintings. The results, as colorful and different as you can see in the photographs.

We just need to make our figures several pieces of cardboard, not too thick (like the boxes of cookies ...). On the smooth part we paint Miró's drawings, in such a childish style: suns, stars, figures that look like fantastic animals ...

We can let the children make their own creations, but since we want to give a surreal touch, we can take ideas from the works of the artist Joan Miró. The kids will love to imitate their paintings, giving them their personal touch.

When we already have the different drawings of Miró, we cut them separately in rounded, oval shapes ... and then we paint them with tempera, watercolors, wax, markers ... A couple of drawings must have a straight side to be in the base of sculpture.

The back can be painted in a plain color with tempera (to cover the original container and in the sculpture you can not see the cookies, cereals ...). We only need to fit the different pieces to form a sculpture, for which we will have to make straight slits in each figure and assemble them.

We can add a little bit of glue when necessary, trying to make the base smooth to stay on its feet (two pieces inserted forming an X, and if it is not in balance we will stick the sculpture to a base). We already have our Miró sculpture in 3D . Enjoy this artistic craft!

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