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Teresa Morales

During pregnancy there are several factors (hormonal, weight gain, pressure of the uterus on large veins, etc.) that can cause disturbances in the circulation, including varicose veins, which are formed due to the impossibility of establishing a return of blood to the uterus. Heart that is effective.

These symptoms, together with swelling, heaviness in the legs, tingling or fatigue, usually remit progressively after delivery, but everything also depends on our metabolism, the level of severity and the measures that we maintain in this regard, of which we are going to speak in our Special Postpartum Care.

Habits that will help you feel better

Varicose veins, which usually occur mostly in the legs, are sometimes taken into account as an unsightly phenomenon to be treated, but when they appear it is mainly health that demands our attention, as they are a symptom of a problem in our system. circulatory that if it continues to evolve can cause us a lot of pain and discomfort.

There are a series of guidelines that help us to prevent or treat them in their early stages, among which are avoiding sedentary lifestyle (or spending many hours standing) and obesity, factors that aggravate the problem.

The venous return is driven through the muscles of the legs and the plantar pad, so you have to avoid spending a lot of time in the same position and spend a little time each day walking and going back to soft exercises such as pilates and yoga little by little.

When sitting, it is better not to cross your legs and have your feet slightly elevated, as when you sleep, we can lift them slightly by supporting them on a cushion or by placing something under the mattress that goes up to your feet, like a telephone directory or similar.

Putting your legs up will always give us rest and relief, just like a good jet of cold water at the end of the shower, directed to the legs in an ascending way, to activate circulation.

There are countless reasons to stop smoking, especially during pregnancy, but it is also important not to fall again after delivery, as tobacco increases blood clotting, favoring the appearance or worsening of varicose veins.

Reduces salt consumption, food also counts

The fluid retention contributes to the swelling of the legs and also affects the venous valves, which, when they deteriorate, begin to perform poorly their function of preventing blood from accumulating in the veins and getting it to flow properly.

Salt favors the accumulation of liquids and many times we consume it almost without realizing it. Our Vitonics companions explain some tricks to reduce it in our diet, of which we can emphasize substitute it with spices when cooking (in the end it gains in taste even if it does not seem it) and avoid pre-cooked foods since they usually contain a lot of salt to keep better .

Follow the advice of postpartum feeding will also be useful, since the fruit, vegetables and drinking water has a diuretic effect and also help us to maintain our weight.

Foods rich in potassium, such as chard, avocado and banana, balance the effects of sodium and promote the elimination of liquids.

It is also important to avoid assiduously consuming foods rich in saturated fats that increase triglycerides and blood cholesterol, such as sausages, red meat, butters, whole milk, etc. and reduce the intake of spicy foods, alcohol or coffee that produce vein dilation.

Treatments: always advised by a specialist

Depending on the severity of the varicose veins there are many treatments, ranging from the use of compression stockings to surgical interventions, through medication or creams for massage, but in no case can be taken lightly, since its success and absence of complications will always depend on a correct application, which should be indicated by the corresponding specialist .

The elastic stockings do not eliminate the varicose veins, but they can serve as prevention or to alleviate the symptoms, since by means of their gradual compression, available in several levels, they activate the circulation.

Continuing with the external route, the vascular creams, cold effect or for tired legs also help to reduce discomfort, applying by means of an ascending circular massage. As internal medication we have the venous tonics, of which there is a great variety, and improve the symptoms by increasing the tension in the muscular wall of the veins.

Castaño de Indias is usually highly recommended for the treatment of varicose veins, but be careful as its use is not advisable either for pregnant women or for taking during lactation . In both cases it is better to consult with the doctor what alternatives we can take.

Within the ambulatory processes is thermocoagulation, which applies heat to the vein so that necrose, laser treatments for the elimination of varicose veins or sclerosants that apply a puncture with which the vein is annulled.

Finally, it is necessary to resort to surgery to remove the varicose veins, although it is a technique that is increasingly being replaced by less radical alternatives that do not require admission or several days of rest.

As you can see the treatments are many, very varied and depend on many factors, although most will require waiting a reasonable time after delivery, so, whether we need them or not, whenever we can it is worthwhile to also put everything on our part to prevent or avoid the worsening of varicose veins, our health in general will win.

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