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papaLobo @papaLobox

I confess, one of the things I hated the most as a child was to carry "the executioners", those wool hats that covered your face, a kind of hybrid between a hat and a scarf. It was leaving the house and taking it off as soon as I turned the second street, I could remove it before but one already knows that the vision of the mothers is able to cross the walls, with a clear limit, I assumed that mine more than two blocks of houses I was able to get through, so it was my "safe distance".

And the thing does not end there, no. The worst thing is that now I'm the one who puts it on my children, that's right, they do not bother them. But I am sure that I would not have had any problem as a child if my grandmother had made me one of these very gentle knight executioners.

And there is also a version for parents. Maybe I'll reconcile myself with my childhood.

Do you like this very gentlemanly wool executioner ?

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