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Eva Paris @paris_eva

Recently I told you that you can climb the Eiffel Tower with a baby, although you had to avoid several lines, and return to my trip to Paris to tell you how you can go to Versailles and enjoy its gardens and the Palace or Castle with a baby.

To begin, I will say that inside the Palace the baby carts can not enter, so we will have to leave it in a large guarded watch that exists next to one of the entrances. For this reason, it is advisable to carry a baby carrier if we do not want to tire the children or take them to the arm during the good time the visit lasts ...

Inside the Palace there are seats in almost all rooms that we will visit in case we need to stop and even feed the baby, specifically I had to sit on a bench, quite quiet and discreet despite the large influx of people, to breastfeed and bottle to my baby. In another room I could see another mother breastfeeding her son.

Regarding the Gardens of Versailles, they are suitable for walking by them with the baby stroller, which I recommend, since they are immense and require a good walk to be able to admire them in all their extension. Yes, there are few paved places, so, if it has rained, in certain corners less crowded and less careful we will find mud or puddles.

But in the main zone of the gardens, next to the Palace, there is no problem to walk with the car, since the difference is saved with slopes other than the stairs.

There are also electric strollers that are rented to tour the gardens, or a small train, although we would have to confirm if they admit to raise the baby carriages. I suppose that in the electric strollers there would be no problem, since there are some adapted for people with disabilities. The other option would be to leave the car in the lock before and see the gardens in the little train.

There is a cafeteria and toilets with a changing table inside the Palace, as soon as you enter, near where you get the audio guides. There are also toilets on the outside of the building. In the gardens, in addition, there are several cafes and restaurants with toilets. From this link we can explore each of the areas of Versailles to plan our visit.

The truth is that for me it was a great tour, both for the gardens (in addition, I was lucky enough to see the show of the great musical waters, my baby, as always, enthralled with music) as the interior of the Castle. An unforgettable visit

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