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Eva Paris @paris_eva

We have had nine months to see how our body changes little by little, until the moment when the baby is born. Then, we suddenly face a new body, which we do not recognize, because it is neither the pregnancy nor the one we had before pregnancy. Let's talk about going back (or not) to recover the figure .

Although we are accustomed to seeing in the media recent moms who miraculously are thin and stupendous after childbirth in a short time, this is not usual, even it is probably not the healthiest either.

Let's see how to recover the figure after childbirth, taking into account the cases in which that is not possible (or at least, not at all) and also those cases in which you can not be as before being a mother and how to face them naturally.

Keep in mind that each woman is different, and some will have a hard time recovering, others will take more time and effort, some women will hurt not to look the same as before and there will even be those who do not care at all about their body, which can also have its negative side. We are going to analyze the question from different points of view.

Breastfeeding and calm to recover the figure after childbirth

The first thing we should know is that the immediate postpartum is not the right time to consider these issues. Surely your baby needs the maximum attention and the body is not ready to start a regimen, to count calories or to exercise. Let's wait a little.

And let's hope also, not in the subject of exercise, but in the diet, if the baby is breastfeeding. Dieting while breastfeeding, especially an uncontrolled diet, could harm the passage of nutrients to the baby through milk. And is that during pregnancy and lactation increase the physiological demands of many nutrients, "and we can not make a restricted diet that could affect the nutritional needs of this stage.

We must also remember that among the innumerable benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and for the mother is to help her recover her figure: not breastfeeding for aesthetic reasons does not make much sense since the chest does not fall by it.

The WHO points out that breastfeeding helps women to recover their pre-pregnancy weight more quickly and reduces obesity rates, so that if we want to recover our figure, without hurry, we enjoy prolonged breastfeeding. And we are going to accompany it with something else.

Nutrition and exercises, the key

Diet and physical activity are a tandem when talking in good shape, not only in childhood, but in any life stage. We have just seen that during the months after childbirth nursing mothers have to eat properly, but not only them. Any woman has to take care of what she eats, which does not mean, as we have just said, put on a diet.

A poor diet can produce deficiencies that weaken us and cause diseases. A bad diet can make us fat. In our menu there should be plenty of foods rich in calcium, iron, omega-3, iodine, fiber ... Fruit and vegetables, every day and generously. And of course a good hydration: water is our ally to lose weight.

Therefore, in any case in the postpartum diet must be balanced and this has to be combined with physical activity . In our Special Postpartum Beauty we will return to a topic as important as that of exercise after childbirth.

We have changed, let's accept it

In this section I talk about accepting ourselves, not resigning ourselves. Accepting our new body as something beautiful, that they accept around us, that our partner likes, that is a different body but no less beautiful. Let's get rid of the conventional (current) canons where curves do not fit.

The real bodies of mothers have little to do with those of magazines, we must know that we share our characteristics with many other women and that we should not be ashamed.

Of course, we look for our health at the same time. Stretch marks or extra pounds are not incompatible with being healthy. And the previous point, that of good nutrition and that of exercise, are still necessary. Everything will do that we do not lack self-esteem, and that we continue sharing time with our baby and with our family being happier and at ease, 100%.

Recovering the figure after childbirth is not a priority, but little by little we can achieve it if we wish. The priority is to be healthy and take care of the baby at this vital stage of their development, but this is not incompatible, as we say, with good maternal health and being comfortable with one. Who knows if many models that appear skinny after childbirth would sign to feel better with them and their babies ...

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