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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Within two weeks of starting the classes I can predict without fear of error that it will not take too long for the first cold of the school year to appear at home.

Children, especially those in preschool, are very susceptible to "catch" any virus that spins.

And of course, the concentration of several children in the same space added to the decrease in temperatures in recent days leads to contagion.

The viral catarrhal processes are the most frequent cause of doctor visits these days, and along with otitis, the main reasons for consultation in pediatrics.

This time of the year in which such wide temperature variations occur (in the morning and at night it is cold but during the day warms the sun) predisposes to appear in children the virus that causes the cold.

If we add to that the coexistence of several children for many hours in the same spaces, it is a great breeding ground, making it almost inevitable that children are saved from the virus, especially the smallest ones that do not have enough immunity for all the viruses that they circulate around him.

However, colds at this time of year are usually less aggressive than winter flu.

In any case, it is advisable to keep the child warm during the coldest hours of the day, that is, when he goes out in the morning and at bedtime, and give him a diet that strengthens his defenses.

If the child catches a cold, he should stay home for two or three days to recover and avoid infecting the rest of the classmates.

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