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One of the most successful devices among first-time parents that are always on the lists of essentials or those that are absolutely dispensable are intercoms. Those mini cameras that we put near the cradle or place where we have our son and that warn us even the slightest noise that he makes. Something very useful when you are surrounded by noise, you live in a mansion or you do not have a dog that starts to bark at the minimum moan of the baby.

One of the problems is that these devices are in pairs and that the time to travel is one more thing to put in our small boot. It also happens that you move around the house and that it is possible, especially at the beginning that you forget to take the transmitter with you. That's why we have the Withings Smart Baby Monitor that allows you to monitor your baby from your mobile device.


-One dimensions of 10 x 10 x 6 centimeters and a great design. -Video of high resolution that allows until a zoom of 4x. - Very clear sound. -Technology PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Horizontal / vertical / zoom movement) that allows moving the camera from the mobile to monitor the environment of the baby. If there is more than one child in the room, you can see what each child is doing. -The application can work even when you do not have it on screen. It can only be its sound function so you know what is happening at all times. -Night night with infrared camera that allows you to keep an eye on the baby at all times.

-It allows having a bidirectional communication with your baby. You can talk to him from your mobile or select one of the six songs that the application brings and that sounds to sleep him. The device also has a small ambient light that allows you to select the color or leave it in rainbow mode so that it changes from one to the other. -You can have controlled the temperature and humidity in the baby's room and he will warn you when the parameters that you have marked are exceeded. -You can choose the communication method between the Withings Smart Baby Monitor and your mobile since it can be connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or Bluetooth. -Compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices. Its price is 249.95 euros

We never use intercoms and in fact for me they are one of the things that are dispensable, but I understand that for many people it is not and they feel calmer with extra vigilance. But I recognize that the one that can control the whole room and that can be connected to practically any protocol is something that I see as very in favor, although I do not know if that justifies its price.

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