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Laura Guerrero

It seemed that the heat was never going to come, but now that it is here, there is a desire for sun, beach and, above all, to enjoy the baby's first summers.

Going to the beach with babies or small children requires extra planning. The most important thing is to protect them from the sun and prevent them from becoming dehydrated, but otherwise you do not need to be loaded like mules because the sand and the sea are the best toy for them. Now that summer is here, we propose what to take to the beach to spend a perfect day with babies or small children.

Umbrella "pro"

The colorful umbrellas are a classic of all life on the beaches (if they are advertising, it is a plus), but the parents have long since adopted the concept of refuge for our shore excursions. Advantage? It is not necessary to make the hole in the sand, there is no risk of it flying, it also protects from the sun in the late afternoon and, the best: it has soil. I do not know why but the babies seem to escape less from this limited space when we do not want the sun to shine, and with a little shake, we already have a space free of sand to take a nap.

There are many models, some with sun protection, but the most important thing is that it has good ventilation and that it is light and easy to assemble and disassemble, like this one from Kiddus that you can buy through Amazon for 21.95 euros.

Clothes and complements

Here the important thing is to make sure to put barriers between the sun and the delicate skin of the little ones. Remember that the National Association of Pediatrics (here its recommendations) indicates that children under six months should not use sunscreen, so you have to keep them always in the shade. Children who already walk are practically impossible to keep under the umbrella, so it's time to protect them and try to avoid the central hours of the day (between 12 and 16 hours).

Sunscreen clothing is a great option because it is very effective to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays (we can find hats, shirts, swimsuits or whole pieces ...), it is very practical because it protects the child also when it is Bathing and drying in a moment. If we do not have this type of garments, your hat (the best wide-brimmed or safari type caps that cover the neck) and a shirt is always better than being with the back to the air (although they carry cream).

Remember also the "mirror effect" that both sand and sea water have, which reflect solar radiation. The best thing to do is to accustom them from little ones to wearing sunglasses with UV protection and the most comfortable ones, made of flexible material and with an elastic band to prevent them from being easily removed.

You will find clothes and swimsuits with sun protection, glasses and hats on Amazon. The swimsuit in the photo is from Tuc Tuc and is sold in El corte inglés.

Solar filter

After six months we can apply cream to the baby. According to the recommendations of the AEP, these would be the recommendations to choose it:

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a protection factor (SPF) of 15+ in abundance and as many times as necessary. This must protect, at least, against UVB radiation (which causes sunburn) and UVA (the main cause of premature aging of the skin).

For small children, physical filter creams are recommended, which reflect the sun's rays without using chemical components that are absorbed through the skin. The downside is that these creams are harder to spread than normal ones and leave a white layer on top. They are also called mineral filter.

The one in the photo is from the brand Alga maris and you can find it in Easyparapharmacie for 14.90 euros.

A large plastic basket (like those used to transport debris in the works) will be used to take the toys to the beach and as a pool for the baby


For babies, a pool with a few toys is the best way to keep them in the shade. The one in the photo (47.89 euros in Amazon) combines shelter with solar protection and you just have to make a hole in the ground and put a little water to keep the baby cool.

Nor do we need to take a lot of things: sand is the best toy and, when they discover everything that can be done when mixed with water, it is the pump. A bucket, a shovel and the imagination to power. The older ones will enjoy kites, water pistols, tractors to take sand from one place to another ...

More beach toys at Toys'RUs

Water and something to eat

Babies, especially the smallest ones, do not have the mature thermoregulation mechanisms and are more sensitive to dehydration, so, after six months (until that age, only breast milk or formula), we will have to offer them water every so often

The fruit also hydrates them, so a few pieces of watermelon or melon are the best snack we can offer our baby during the day.

The bottle of the photo on Amazon for 26.46 euros.

And those little things ...

Details that make your day at the beach more comfortable:

  • Two bags of garbage: One to put in everything wet and another to throw the garbage and save trips to the bin or nearest container.
  • A spray to water the plants: Because I love the sensation of refreshing myself with water sprayed when it is very hot and because it serves as an emergency toy.
  • A handkerchief or large chiffon + clip XL: I already told you about it here. The cloth is used to put it on the sand or to mount a larger area of ​​shade (holding it with the clips), for example using the stroller.
  • A bandolier that can get wet (like the one they sell on Amazon) will allow you to enjoy the first baths with your baby without fear of running off. Here, a selection of the coolest baby carriers.

And most importantly, do not forget in our beach bag the camera or the battery-powered cell phone to portray how our baby deserves on the beach. Now that summer has arrived, these are our ideas on what to take to the beach to spend a perfect day with your baby. Do you share yours?

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