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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

When it happens to you, the world falls on you and you think that you are the only woman in the world to whom something so sad happens, but soon you realize that it is not like that.

Miscarriage is much more common and common than we think. Attention to the data: more than 50% of pregnancies do not reach term. I knew this when it happened to me, which reassured me a little.

It is true that he is a very unpleasant experience, but at least my consolation was to accept that science and the body are wise and that if this happened it would have been something.

The causes can be many, but evidently if the embryo has not been able to continue growing it is because it would have some defect incompatible with life. The body is not a perfectly perfect machine, but this kind of thing would not happen. Luckily, in my case, the abortion was so early (the 7th week) that a curettage was not necessary, which I appreciate because the situation is already quite traumatic and, above all, going through an operating room after total anesthesia.

I do not know if because of that, or because of my good mood at that moment, I accepted it quite well despite being my first pregnancy.

According to my mother (who is almost always right) in her time it did not happen that much. It is not true: yes it happened but some women did not even find out. The point is that today with home tests we can know at the 4th week if we are pregnant, but not before. Possibly, if I had not done the test a few days before, I would not have known.

Therefore, the only advice I can offer is to take it as sensibly as possible (I know it is not easy) and cope with it naturally, without drama or guilt.

In case someone encourages, after the three months of rest recommended by my doctor, soon after I got pregnant again my first daughter who is almost 20 months. And happily now I'm 12 weeks pregnant with the second.

I always think something that consoles me: if that had not happened to me, today my daughter would not exist. Exactly the genetic combination of ovum and sperm that gave birth to my daughter five months after the abortion would not have occurred. And that I do not change it for nothing.

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